Princess Agents Novel English Recaps/Translations – Collaboration and Collective Efforts by Sue Lee, Angel Chua, DDMCMC :)

Dear fellow PA lovers/readers,

Before I post the next translations, I wanted to update you all on what has transpired over the last couple of weeks, as well as what my plans are for future PA translations.  Please read until the end, you may even find more updates related to your other fellow translators.  🙂

As some of you may or may not know, my English PA summary/translation works as well as those of Angel Chua’s, DDMCMC’s, and SpringBreeze’s were all copied over to a WattPad account, we have since requested for our works to be removed from that WattPad account and our wishes were complied.  However, this incident did put a slight halt into our translation efforts as we were trying to figure out how to move forward.  Nevertheless, on behalf of Angel Chua and DDMCMC, I can assure you that we will continue to recap/translate the Princess Agents novel in English for you to enjoy.  In return, all we ask is that you continue to support us by only visiting our sites directly to read these recaps/translations and report/notify us if you spot our works being copied elsewhere.  All of us have lives and jobs outside of the PA world, and we do this simply because we love the novel and want to share its story with our fellow PA lovers/fans.

One good thing that came out of the whole WattPad copycat fiasco was that us translators have been communicating/corresponding with one another on our future plans and updates, and together we hope to bring you a full English translation for Princess Agents novel in its entirety.  This is a collaboration and collective efforts confirmed by the 3 of us: Angel Chua, myself, and DDMCMC (we haven’t gotten confirmation from SpringBreeze yet regarding this collaboration and we’ll update again once we do).  Below is what you may expect to see from each of us in the upcoming days/weeks regarding PA novel English translations.  As you can see, each of us offers something different in regards to this PA novel, so our efforts are not duplicated, which means you as readers will get more contents to enjoy.  🙂

***From the beginning: Angel Chua‘s

Angel Chua has been translating the novel from the very beginning and will continue until my Chapter 178.  You can read all the chapters she has translated thus far at her blog site linked above.  Additionally, Angel and her team of editors are also bringing you PA novel translations in Spanish and Tagalog, so her site is definitely worthwhile to check out.  🙂

***Somewhere in the middle (anywhere there’s XingYue moments) to the end, plus 13 Epilogue parts: my blog site

My focus is and has always been the XingYue love story, thus I’ve captured their sweet/funny moments in summaries for various parts throughout the book.  Almost-complete translations start at chapter 178 until the very end, including the Epilogue parts as these chapters feature the XingYue couple heavily so of course I will be covering them (mentions of Chu Qiao’s past modern life will be written as summaries only as I try to correlate the novel back to the drama and the past modern life arc was omitted from the drama).  You will mostly see the romance angle with my summaries and translations, while other aspects of the novel like the political and economical angles will be covered by DDMCMC.

***Entire novel recaps: DDMCMC’s blog site

DDMCMC has been recapping the novel from the very beginning and is working to recap until the end including all the Epilogue parts.  As mentioned above, since my focus is the romance aspect of the novel, DDMCMC’s focus is more on the political and economical aspects of the story, which should give you a complete look at the diversity of this great novel.

***Extra PA treats from @pinayatsunshinestate’s blog site:

The omitted chapter of Princess Agent… Chapter 164 <== THIS!!  Trust me, you’d want to read this missing chapter, it’s full of XingYue’s fun and sweet interactions!!  🙂


Between the 3 of us, you should get new updates at least once a week, if not more.  We hope with this collaboration, you would be able to enjoy this novel entirely and wholly.  I, for one, am very thankful to be able to read and appreciate more of this novel in English, which are offered to us by these very talented souls (Angel Chua, DDMCMC, SpringBreeze).  Additionally, I’m super excited that we are able to bring these PA summaries/translations to you as a collection.


Note: I would also like to include SpringBreeze’s blog site here so you can visit and read her PA English translations.  She previously stated that she will continue to translate the novel from the Frozen Lake Scene, and she has already posted several parts of the novel since the ice lake.  She has mentioned in her blog site that she would cover the last volume of the novel, which is Volume 5, so her site is definitely a must-read as well.  SpringBreeze has also shared that she’s a full time student with a heavy school work load, so how often she can translate and update her site is uncertain, but still, remember to check out her site regularly to see updates.  🙂


Again, thank you for supporting all of us and we hope that you will discover more wonderful details related to our beloved PA characters through these translated parts in anticipation for Season 2 (should there be a Season 2).  🙂

~Sue Lee~


***Photo credits from Google images.***

72 thoughts on “Princess Agents Novel English Recaps/Translations – Collaboration and Collective Efforts by Sue Lee, Angel Chua, DDMCMC :)

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  1. Hi SueLeeSunshine! Just wanted to thank you for translating the sweetest, most romantic moments between YWY and Xing’er. Like many other fans on your site, I was dissatisfied with Princess Agents’ season finale and had a thirst to know more without waiting for and investing time in a 2nd season. I’m so glad I found your site! Thank you for also providing links to other translators and recappers as well as the Viet translation of the novel. My love for our OTP overshadowed my passable knowledge of Vietnamese and I started (slowly) reading my favourite parts like the bathroom scene. I would love to contribute to your site, if you want! Let me know 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes please!! I would LOVE some help and WELCOME any collaboration as I have been quite busy with life (small kids) and work and have been feeling quite guilty for not being able to keep up with translations for our dedicated XingYue fans like myself…and I’m also like you, this novel was the SOLE reason for me to start reading Vietnamese. Please use the “Contact” link at the top menu to send me an email so that I can reply and get in touch with you directly. Thanks again for the kind offer to help I really do appreciate it and looking forward to our upcoming collab!! 🙂


  2. Is there more to translate on this novel. I really do love yuwen yue and xinger (don’t know if I spelt it correct) together as a couple and was eager to know if he had died.


  3. Please please please continue, im waitting for your translation, and check regulary. Please continue translation chapter 182 until the end 191. Thank you sue


  4. Hey sunlee! I was wondering why all your chapters along with the other translators have disappeared 😢 does this have something to do with qidong international?


    1. Hey there, I’m not sure but now I’ll have to go find out. Honestly I’ve gotten so busy with life that I haven’t kept up much with what’s happening in the PA’s novel world. 🙂


  5. Hi SueLeeSunshine! Just wanted to thank you for translating the sweetest part of this book, the original was in chinesse leaugage and you can make up this book to english leaguage, so that many people a cross the country can enjoy this master pieces, I miss this book to translate indonesian leaguage.


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