***SPOILER***From Princess Agents Novel: Chu Qiao – Seductive Fox – Funny Dialogs and Kisses with Her Princes!! ;)

Chu Qiao is one lucky girl…she has 4 princes (Yu Wen Yue, Yan Xun, Xiao Ce, Yuan Song) willing to trade their lives to protect her…out of the 4, she has deep, unique, and special relationships with 3 princes (Yu Wen Yue, Yan Xun, Xiao Ce) and interactions with these guys are chronicled throughout the entire novel, which helped to define the paths she has chosen for her life…these 3 can be considered the great loves of Chu Qiao’s life…


However, it should also be noted that she shared a special friendship with Yuan Song as well, although it never developed into romance for her, she held him in great admiration and respect.



Chu Qiao has a straightforward, honest, sometimes dense personality, and from it comes some rather hilarious conversations with her princes…here in this post, I would like to document and note these funny and memorable moments/interactions…and possibly hugs/kisses count…;)



Prince Yan Xun of Yan Bei:


Kisses Count: 3…during their last passionate kiss, YX nearly couldn’t control himself and almost went all the way, until he remembered that he wasn’t ready to marry her unless he has conquered the world and became a rightful ruler instead of the rebel and traitor that everyone considered him to be at that moment.  His kisses were the following…

  • When they escaped out of ChangAn in Chapter 78 of Volume II.  1st base: this kiss was mostly innocent here as they were merely touching lips, a peck rather than a passionate kiss.  However, Yan Xun did admit to Chu Qiao at this time that this was something he wanted to do during all these years…gotta hand it to Yan Xun for being a noble prince for waiting 8 years for a first kiss!!  😀
  • When he left Yan Bei for battle in Chapter 131 of Volume IV.  2nd base: this kiss was definitely more passionate than the first, Yan Xun really went for it with tongue and everything…and he did it in front of thousands waiting soldiers too!!  😉
  • When he returned back to Yan Bei after battle in Chapter 142 of Volume IV.  3rd base: Yan Xun was really hungry for some Chu Qiao love here, after he complimented her beauty he grabbed a hold of her and kissed her with great passion.  He even carried her onto the bed and ALMOST went all the way, there were lots of tongue and groping action going on.  Lucky for YWY later, he didn’t go to home base and returned to his senses as he remembered the promise he made to himself, in which he wanted to give Chu Qiao the world as a wedding present, and that he wanted her to be the wife of a rightful ruler, and not a traitor deemed by everyone at that time.  Aww…what an honorable thought…but I guess he never fathomed that things would transpire the way they did later and Chu Qiao would then end up with YWY.  😦

Funny/Memorable Dialogs:

This conversation took place when Chu Qiao was saying goodbye to Yan Xun as he is about to leave Yan Bei for battle in Chapter 131 of Volume IV.

Chu Qiao: Yan Xun, be absolutely careful, this journey is dangerous from all 4 sides, always raise your awareness and be on alert with everyone around you.

Yan Xun (nods his head): I know.  You too, with me not around, there might be people who would give you a hard time.  You remember their names, don’t be strong and create trouble, just wait for me to come back to deal with them later.

Chu Qiao: Yes, ok, when that time comes we will confiscate their houses and all their assets.

Yan Xun: Right, and we must tie them all up, leave it up to you to beat them up however you like.

“Good, let’s do it like that.”  Chu Qiao nods her head, continues: “The 4000 soldiers I’ve prepared for you must be kept by your side as your bodyguards, don’t let them go in the front line combat.  Their weapons have been modified by me for improvements, keep it a secret and use at the utmost necessary moment.

Yan Xun: Yes, I remember.

Chu Qiao: Don’t let the food go cold and then eat, that’s not good for your body, be mindful and rest early, don’t exert your energy.

Yan Xun: Yes, rest assured.

Chu Qiao: Limit your horse riding, sit in the carriage more, there’s strong wind so even if you wear thick clothes they might not be effective.

Yan Xun: Yes.

Chu Qiao: Don’t drink cold water, I’ve prepared honey for you, drink a little more, you’re really skinny these days.

Yan Xun: Yes…

Chu Qiao: If there’s somebody in your army who wants to bring in women chop off his head immediately, there’s no need to inspect those women to know they’re full of diseases, even looking is not allowed, you know right?

Yan Xun: I know…I know…

Chu Qiao: On the road if local officials want to give women to you, you just remember their names and then come back to let me know, those women must be spies assigned to assassinate you, cannot keep any single one of them, I’m just thinking for you that’s all.

Yan Xun: …



Master Yu Wen Yue of Wei State:


Kisses Count: many…as they eventually got married and can’t keep their hands off of one another lol…however, their most notable kisses were likely the following…

  • The bathroom scene kiss in Chapter 96 of Volume III.  I really think this is when YWY truly fell in love with Chu Qiao.  YWY has always been intrigued with CQ because he thought she was very different from the people around him, however his feelings back then were not of love because CQ was only 8 when she stayed at Green Hills Court and he was 13, they were still kids at this time so it’s not possible for them to know what love is.  I also think CQ has always left a memorable impression in YWY’s mind as it was revealed later that he kept a portrait of a 13 year-old Chu Qiao in his room for the years they were apart and only ordered his maid to take it down after he returned from Liang State (when CQ bid him farewell to go to Yan Bei to reunite with Yan Xun) as an attempt to let her go.  At the beginning of this bathroom scene, YWY did not know it was Chu Qiao, he was merely a curious young man attempting to fulfill his lust with a maid that he thought was bestowed to him.  At the end of this scene, when he realized it was CQ he was actually intimate with, that triggered something in him, because the little girl he remembered has turned into a real woman, and I believe since this moment she has officially entered his heart as the woman he longs for (body and soul) and truly loves.  🙂
  • The goodbye kiss before she returned to Yan Bei to reunite with Yan Xun because she reasoned that YX needs her and YWY told her that he also needs her in Chapter 122 of Volume III.
  • The kisses after she came back to him from Liang State in Chapters 178-181 of Volume V, which are documented in my earlier blog posts.
  • Although her first kiss was with Yan Xun, it was more of a peck, a touch of the lips and not of the passionate kind, thus her REAL first kiss was with Yu Wen Yue…and yes he was later her FIRST of many things…this is my own personal opinion as I’m always a XingYue shipper!!  🙂

Funny/Memorable Dialogs:

<still working on this part as there are many funny conversations.  To be continued…>


More XingYue memories:


Crown Prince Xiao Ce of Liang State:


Kisses Count: 0 for our adorable crown prince as Chu Qiao only saw him as her best friend, soul mate, but he did steal a few hugs here and there…:)  It should be noted that Chu Qiao did once consider becoming his post-mortem queen consort to stay in Liang State to help maintain his empire and raise his children.

Funny/Memorable Dialogs:

This conversation took place when Chu Qiao was bidding farewell to Xiao Ce in Liang State before returning to Yan Bei with Yan Xun in Chapter 127 of Volume IV.

Xiao Ce: Qiao Qiao, Yan Bei’s terrains are very complex, and very far from Liang State, even if I want to help it’s out of my reach, while alone there you need to be more careful.

Chu Qiao (laughs): Thank you for worrying, but rest assured, I am not just by myself, I still have Yan Xun by my side.

Xiao Ce (a bit taken back, but right after laughs): I am silly, you can be considered as someone who’s almost married, why am I still sincerely worrying for nothing?

The man shook his head, then seriously says: “Alright, when you get married remember to let me know once, I will send you a big wedding gift.”

Chu Qiao: Ha ha, that’s of course, you have a lot of money, definitely need to give me a big red envelope, you cannot escape from it!

Xiao Ce: Hey hey!  Do not make use of your tiger kung fu senselessly like that, I’m actually really poor, ok?  The little allowance Emperor Father gives each month isn’t even enough for me to get drunk at the bar/entertainment parlor.

The little woman scoffs once, “Enough with the lies.”

Strong wind blows again, the sun is slowly moving away at the end of the sky, pushing out the layer of fog on the hill, Xiao Ce points in the direction of Yan Bei, says: “Hurry go go, if not Yan crown prince gets anxious while waiting and will bring his sword to chop off my head.”

Chu Qiao bites her lips, golden sunlight covers her face, she silently smiles, sincerely says: “Xiao Ce, thank you.  I’m going.”

Chu Qiao pulls on the reign of her horse to turn around, then suddenly a hand appears in front of her face.  Xiao Ce’s face seems a bit strange, almost hiding some other feelings that’s not usual.

Chu Qiao slightly raised her eye brow, “Is there something else?”

“Ah, nothing.”  Xiao Ce profusely shakes his head, smiles and says: “If there’s a day Yan crown prince suddenly thinks things through, marries a bunch of concubines and pushes you out, at that time you can come find me to ask for food.”

Chu Qiao cracks up laughing, says: “There will never be such a day like that.”

She raised her hand to rub the back of her head, “If Yan Xun dares to do that, first I will kill all those women, then I will castrate him and take over the throne as King of Yan Bei, consuming all of his treasures and assets.”

Xiao Ce seethes, pounds on his chest to show fear, “Definitely one evil woman.”

Chu Qiao: I’m going!

Xiao Ce: Hurry go go!  Otherwise it will get dark.

Chu Qiao grins, then pulls on the horse reign and yells once, her horse pants and then takes off.

Xiao Ce: Qiao Qiao!  Everything is not as obvious as they seem on the outside, don’t easily trust people!

The woman waves her hand, loudly shouts back: “Talk a little bit less!”

Xiao Ce: Hey silly crazy girl, eat more, your body is too scrawny, not attractive at all!



***Photo credits from Google images.***

***Summary/translation from Vietnamese are my own work.***

60 thoughts on “***SPOILER***From Princess Agents Novel: Chu Qiao – Seductive Fox – Funny Dialogs and Kisses with Her Princes!! ;)

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      1. I really can’t find a reason for that person to report it, I’m just so glad you get this work up here.
        Anyway back to our XingYue, lucky yuan xan wanted to wait in the book. I think i like how the drama portrayed xinger’s comrade love for yuan xan and nothing more. yuwen yue is the love of her life since the beginning. and Yess, my young master yuwen yue is so handsome. Can’t wait for more updates. Thanks Sue

        Liked by 1 person

      1. omgh, really??? lol, it is hard to imagine that this master ice cube can be so passionate like that. Xinger would have knocked him out if yuwen yue were to kiss her like that in the drama. yuwen yue is unbeatable, but when it comes to xinger, he is so cute and lovable. I can’t get over his cuteness in the drama and real life.

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  1. Ms Sue Lee you are like our teacher who inspire and motivate us to know more about the novel, because of this latest blog of yours I read chapter 96 by using Google translation, although the translation is really foggy, I could still comprehend what is going on in that chapter. I learned that the bathroom fight between them is truly intense, which made the guards of Yue to come in and investigate but YWY shouted “Who let you in” Xinger injured YWY really bad by stabbing his shoulder with a piece of broken wood, It’s pretty noisy, yet he still protected her and did not reveal his pain when asked by the owner of the inn if he is okay. He calmly replied that everything is ok although he’s shoulder is bleeding badly. I’m just glad that the drama did not depict that scene. Xinger is still boiling with hatred over Yue because of her siblings that died in YWY’s hand. But after she saw his protection, she helped removed the chunk of wood and took care of him. Yue manly handle the pain as Xinger sterilized a knife and remove any pieces of debris that may remain in YWY flesh that can cause the flesh to rot. YWY probably passed out too because it was said that he fell asleep while biting the towel after the procedure and did not rise early making the guards think that he was exhausted by the wild activity that happened that night. Poor young master Yue, he landed the first kiss to CQ but got stabbed by the fierce and honorable lady.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww you are welcome!! And yes that bathroom scene was really intense…and I made reference to this scene in my Chapter 180 translation (you should read it I think you’ll enjoy lol)…because of the scar from this incident YWY made XingEr take responsibility for him!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I saw that, She is so sorry about his scar I thought the scar is from the incident on the icy lake, I did not know it was actually caused by CQ. YWY cover her eyes on their wedding night because he didn’t want her to see his scar. He said that because of you, I’m not beautiful/handsome anymore Xinger was so sorry and said it doesn’t count since the scar is on his chest and shoulder, not on his face… meaning he is still very handsome. If I am Yue I probably turned her in that night so I can be properly treated from a stabbed wound, but he knows the consequences and he still probably guilty over the death of her siblings so he really cannot blame her for her antagonism. Haayy it’s been 20 days since the drama ended but I’m not planning to pick any drama… I left my heart ❤️ at the icy lake with Yue and Xinger. 🙂

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  2. Because of you SueLee we cant still forget our obsession with this drama. You contributed a great help for us who cant read the book. Keep us always updated! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I forgot the chapter in wattapad where YWY was resting in his room and he saw in the corner of his eyes XE passed by. He got up and went to the sitting room, there hang a picture of a girl( I believed his old flame). While touching the picture, he said to himself ,” I believe it again”. I thought, he has fascination for XE at a tender age of 13 ( XE was 7). I have to re read it to make sure I understand it clearly😂 I was laughing upon reading it because I can’t imagine a child said that to himself, such a big word. But then, I realized we’re in diff time😹 When I read your blog that YWY fell hard for XE in Tian garden, I remembered about what he said in the early chapter of their lives. That he fell in love with her during puberty period. And then circumstances draw them apart , but he’s still pining for her. Pls correct me if I am wrong. Xie xie ni for all the hard work. Yo da best and also to others who unselfishly contributed their time and effort to help ease the pain the production people behind PA left us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I need to go back to read, but I think YWY didn’t know that he was falling in love with her…like what he admitted to her later on, that he didn’t remember when it was he started to fall for her…I think he was intrigued by her and she was always a memorable figure in his mind…but I think the moment he really fell for her was after the bathroom scene because at that time he saw her as a real woman and not the little slave girl in his memories…:D


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