***SPOILER***From Princess Agents Novel (Chapter 181): After Yu Wen Yue’s Proposal to XingEr…:)

Continuing from Chapters 178-180, here’s the summary/translation of the sweet XingYue moments between XingEr-YWY after the proposal of the “Wedding Night” scene.  I’ve already done a summary on the “Wedding Night” Chapter 180 in the book so I will just link it here for you to reference.  These parts appear in Chapter 181 of the novel.

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Chapter 179: Straightforward Expression

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Chapter 180: Wedding Night

See my previous summary/translation of this chapter here: ***SPOILER***From PA novel (Chapter 180): YWY’s proposal and what comes next…;)

Chapter 181: Indecent Exposure

Before dawn there was a sudden rain shower, each rain drop made a ‘ding’ sound on the boat floor, the boat slightly wobbled but still slowly floated through the mountains on 2 sides.  The sound of the wind comes in and out of the atmosphere, this slightly chilly end-of-autumn rain poured water onto the clear river.

XingEr startled and woke up, black hair fell all over her neck, her face slightly rosy from just waking up, her skin soft like silk snuggled inside the warm blanket, her thin white arms stretched out to feel her surroundings, the space next to her was empty, cold as ice.  The dreamy feeling suddenly disappeared, she sat right up, there’s nobody inside the room except her.

She suddenly feels frightened, hurriedly takes off the blanket and steps down from the bed, but the instant her feet touched the ground her knees melted, a feeling of pain from down under quickly passed through her entire body, almost to remind her of the night before.

XingEr grabbed a hold of a robe and wrapped it around her body, tied the sash around her skinny waist loosely, brought along a bamboo umbrella and opened the door to step outside.  It is fairly cold outside, rain shower covered the entire sky, wind flapping and playfully lifted her robe.  She hurriedly ran toward the top of the boat, the empty bow, all 4 sides pitch dark, 2 rows of mountains on the sides, sometimes can hear the cries of the eagles.

YWY was standing at the tip of the boat, as though he stood there for a long time already, his body wrapped in a white robe highlighting his tallness, touched by the wind his robe flapped around.  Hearing footsteps, he turned around, seeing XingEr yet he wasn’t surprised, just extended his hand in her direction, calmly says, “Come here.”

XingEr hurriedly ran toward him to cover him with the umbrella, although the shower rain wasn’t heavy, but standing under it for a while would still get a person wet.  His clothes looked like they’ve been soaked for a while, she lightly narrowed her brows, complained: “Didn’t see it’s raining?”

Wind blows through the mountains making tiny little sounds, his wide sleeves dancing, YWY holds XingEr’s hand, his long, thin, yet strong fingers suddenly pulled her into his chest, just like that embraced her without saying anything.  The strength of the hug wasn’t substantial, but caused her to feel as if she’s trapped inside a steel cage, not even dared to move around one bit.

“Yu Wen Yue?”  Time slowly passing by, she quietly asks: “Are you ok?”

“Nothing.”  His voice very calm, tender like the stillness of a lake.  Not meeting for a few years, the man who was stiff and proud of those years before seemed to have grown up, eyes more tranquil, the tranquility that only appears on people who have lived through tragedies and calamities.  His voice softer almost to hide many icy layers of terrors underneath, outside not expressing any happiness or sadness, causing other people not able to see what he’s truly thinking inside.

“XingEr, you’re at a disadvantage.”  He suddenly said something that doesn’t have a beginning or an end.

XingEr doubtfully narrowed her brows, asks back: “What are talking about?”

“It’s me who’s not right.”  YWY silently curved his lips into a smile, a smile that is as innocent as a child, lightly tapped her face, says: “In the future I will definitely make it up to you.”

“Yu Wen Yue, what are you really doing?”  XingEr suddenly tensed up, quickly held onto YWY’s sleeve, looked up and says: “What disadvantage, I was willing.”

YWY grinned once, gently wrapped his arm around XingEr and embraced her, resting his chin on top of her head, gentle as if he’s holding a fragile porcelain treasure.

There are a few things that could not be spoken, just like that disappeared along with the rain.

He always thought he was better than Yan Xun, that beside him can she truly be happy, be protected rightfully and honorably.

However, after tonight, he realized he’s inferior to the other person.  10 years together, Yan Xun really was a gentleman, unlike him harboring lustful thoughts like this.

But knowing all this, what can he do?

When it comes to her, until now he has never been confident.  The nearer he is to happiness the more he dreads, therefore he unknowingly became lustful, greedily wants more, more and more, never enough.

There are times he laughs at himself, never fathomed Yu Wen Yue would have a day like this.

He really is someone who knows how to determine gains and losses, in his eyes, power, empire, something like fortune are nothing more than a gamble, calculation is only in a blink of an eye.  Only her that he’s never dared to gamble.

XingEr leaned against his chest, still lowering her voice mumbling in an attempt to console him, “I’m fine, it’s me who was willing.”

YWY raised his hand to cover her mouth, then picked her up to carry her back to the room.

XingEr let out a small “ahh” sound, bamboo umbrella fell onto the ground, rain shower slapped her face giving her cold chills.  Lying in his arms, she slightly resisted: “Put me down, otherwise Mei Xiang and our people will see and we’ll be finished.”


YWY bent down, mischievously says: “Be quiet.”

XingEr raised her eyebrow, stubbornly argued back: “Never.”

YWY slightly grinned, still the silent laugh with no sound, then bent down to take a hold of her lips with his, continuously kissing her passionately.  He stood there just like that in front of the door, under the night sky openly kissed her, until XingEr lost all strength in her body, breathing heavily only then did he remove his lips.

He looked at her, dreamily smiled almost bringing with it a feeling of accomplishment, challenged: “I have a method to make you quiet.”

XingEr hurriedly raised her hand to cover her cute small lips that are now red and swollen, incensed and opened her big black eyes, silently expressing resistance.

YWY smiled, carried her into the room.  Fortunately, the sun hasn’t come up yet, everybody is still sleeping, along the way they didn’t bump into anyone.

As soon as they were inside, XingEr hopped down, held her arms up in the blocking position and intently looked at YWY, seeing that he comfortably removed his robe and belt, causing her face and ears to become red.

YWY suddenly laughs, slowly walked toward her and whispered in her ear: “Does it still hurt?”

XingEr’s face was red to the point that she could spit blood, it’s true that she can command hundreds and thousands of soldiers into battle to kill the enemies, how come when confronted with these things she turns into one of those fragile noble girls with skin thinner than paper, just one sentence can cause her hands and feet to become feeble.

YWY hugged her from behind, slyly moved his hand further down below.  XingEr clumsily and quickly held tight that wandering hand, causing it to stop on top of her soft stomach.


“How is it?”  YWY asked again: “I’m asking you?  Does it still hurt?”

XingEr embarrassed, shook her head profusely like a scared rabbit.

YWY smiled, on his face showing a menacing look, purposely bent down, lowered his voice, and whispered in her ear: “Really doesn’t hurt anymore?”

She anxiously nodded her head.

“Then we continue.”

“Huh?”  XingEr surprised, opened her mouth big enough to stuff a whole egg inside.

YWY laughed out loud, bent down and carried her onto the bed.  XingEr cannot understand herself?  Where is her quick wit and kungfu?  Why is it he only comes near and her whole body melted to the point that all her strength is gone?


XingEr innocently looks at his face, his grandeur in front of her eyes, straight nose, curved thin lips, timid eyes, smooth skin, beautiful to the point of making people mesmerized.  Just like that, she lost herself to him and let him conquer her rosy lips, the paralyzing feeling invaded her bones, her teeth were playfully pried open, giving entrance to the tip of somebody’s tongue coming in to inspect.  The kiss started as sweet and soft, yet slowly turned intense, she also from being naïve and motionless started to try and welcome it.  Her whole body shaking, breathing irregular, in the end she was defeated in front of the mocking action of her opponent, softened body leaned into his chest, felt as if her entire body has melted into water, cannot control any longer.

Her outer robe was removed since when she was not even aware, there’s only her tiny undergarments, revealing a pair of legs that are thin and straight along with arms white and smooth.

Afterwards he suddenly pulled a blanket to cover her body, kissed her forehead, pulled her into an embrace, smiled and huskily says: “Alright, go to sleep.”

XingEr feverishly surprised, innocently asked back: “Sleep?”

“What?” YWY used one hand to rest his head, leaned his body to look down at her blushed face, smiled and teased: “You don’t want to?”

“I want to!”  XingEr immediately answered loudly, additionally let out a long yawn, making it seem as if she’s also very sleepy.

YWY lied down and hugged her.  The truth is he wasn’t planning to do anything, after all it was still her first time, cannot right away withstand a second storm of love making.  Just now he almost couldn’t stop, if continued it would be dangerous, can only close his eyes, says: “Then go to sleep.”

However, that somebody in his embrace doesn’t know how to rest peacefully, one time moving the arm, another time changing position, like an active puppy wiggling crazily.

YWY frowned his brows, inside his lustful fire has been ignited that cannot be extinguished, raised his voice and asks: “What’s the matter?”

“You…you’re not going back to your room?”  XingEr looked up, using her pitiful eyes to look at YWY, her face is slightly blushed, “What if tomorrow morning our people caught us?  PingAn and my sisters are still kids.”

YWY still narrowed his brows, “How old are they now, how can they still be kids?  Did you forget, at Liang State (the city where they bumped into each other in the infamous bathroom scene), you were the same age as them, and almost took advantage of me.”

“I did not?”  Involving her honor, XingEr instantly argued, “You bloodsucking liar.”

“Still denying?”  YWY scoffed, “You pretended to be a dancer who was bestowed to me by Mister Tian, purposely dressed up in sexy clothes appearing in front of me, if not to seduce me then what?”

“Yu Wen Yue, you…”

“Why don’t you just speak a little louder, don’t need to wait until tomorrow, in this instant let them know.”

XingEr quickly lowered her voice, furiously rolled her eyes at the opponent, grinded her teeth, “At that time I had to rescue someone, who knew that was your room?  You obviously know the whole story, don’t dare to be innocent with me.”

“Hmm!”  YWY cannot control himself rolled his eyes at her once, his face seemed to say: “I knew you were going to deny it like this!”

XingEr saw that YWY didn’t have anything else to say, angry to the point that her breathing became irregular, pushed him a few times, says: “Hey!  You go back to your room to sleep, this bed here is small like this, with you invading my space, I cannot have a good sleep.”

The bed is big enough to fit 4 people how can it be small?  YWY ignored her nagging, continued to close his eyes to sleep.

“Hey!  Hurry and return to your room, how can you just lazily lie on somebody else’s bed like this?”  Seeing YWY motionless like before, XingEr angrily sat up, gathered her clothes intending to get off the bed.  However, right when she climbed over somebody’s body who was lying on the outside of the bed her waist was suddenly pulled back, she lost her balance and fell on top of YWY’s chest.

Bottom of his eyes ignited a few rays of fire, that somebody keenly squinted his eyes to look at her, coldly says: “Seems like you are still full of energy, you don’t want to go to sleep, right?”

“There’s no such thing like that!  Never!”

Even the kids knew how to judge somebody’s facial expression, as big as XingEr of course had to know when to move forward and when to retreat.  She quickly accepted that all of her intentions to run away now cannot be a reality, then hurriedly and obediently lies down, turned her back toward YWY, not dared to say another word, tried her best to calm her breathing preparing to fall asleep.

The entire room was still and silent, not a single sound, all 4 sides pitch dark, only the sound of the rain dropping on the boat floor ‘ding ding’.

An arm gently reached over to wrap around her waist, the man’s breath spread closer, sweetly kissed the brim of her ear, slowly says: “XingEr, I want from now on, hold you to sleep every night like this, don’t push me away anymore.”

Her heart instantly melted into a pool of warm water.  Hard to imagine someone like him can utter these words.  She feels a bit remorseful, extended her hand to hold onto his, sensing the tip of his fingers slightly cold and pulled them up to her lips, bent down to lightly kiss them.

The night was still long, XingEr just like that fell asleep in YWY’s arms.  In her sleep, seemed as though she dreamed about a large sky, blue water in the lake, green and healthy landscape, a group of children wearing white holding hands and dancing, happily singing:

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,

You make me happy when skies are grey.

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you,

Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

(Remember that in the novel XingEr/Chu Qiao came from the future, so sometimes she would sing modern songs like this one).

XingEr thought to herself: “Yu Wen Yue, you are truly my sunshine, the rainbow in space that can never be replaced in my heart.”


Sleeping late will result in waking up late.


Hearing the heavy knocking on the door, XingEr panicked and opened her eyes.  YWY has already neatly and handsomely dressed standing in front of the window, in his hands holding a light beige outfit, smiled and says: “Your maid Mei Xiang came to knock on the door many times already, if you don’t sit up she will kick down the door to run in.”

XingEr frantically put on her clothes, afterwards tiptoed to crack open the door and stuck her head out, awkwardly laughs: “Ha ha, Mei Xiang is that you?  Good morning.”

“Young Miss, it’s almost noon what good morning, we are almost docking.”  In front of the door, Mei Xiang angrily stood with her hand on her hip, her sister was holding Xiao Ce’s son standing next to Mei Xiang, glanced her eyes around intending to see what’s inside, suddenly seemed very interested in XingEr’s room.  Xiao Ce’s baby raised his chubby hands to pinch XingEr’s sister’s face and says “ooh ahh”, nobody knows what he’s saying.

“Huh?  Really?”  XingEr laughed ha ha, “Ohh, lately I don’t feel well, can’t believe I was too tired that I slept through, so strange, ha ha.”

“That’s right, very strange indeed.”  Her sister standing on the side grinned widely showing all teeth he he, her face with a menacing look.

“Young Miss why are you standing here, I brought you water, are you not planning to wash your face?”

XingEr held out her hand to bring in the bucket of water under Mei Xiang’s feet, pretended to reply nonchalantly: “I can bring it in myself.”

Mei Xiang frowned her brows, “Young Miss, what’s the matter with you?”

“No matter with me, you are busy with lots of things thus you must be tired, hurry back to rest.”

Mei Xiang is dedicated to her work and wouldn’t relent: “I still have to make your bed for you.”

“No need, no need.  Today I feel that my mind is clear and motivated, I can make it myself.”  As soon as she finished speaking, not waiting for Mei Xiang to utter another word, XingEr immediately closed tight the door, then tiptoed and placed her ear on the window, carefully listening to any movements outside.  Waited until Mei Xiang and her sister walked far away, she let out a long sigh.

YWY was lying on the bed, his figure very relaxed, “Look at you, tiptoeing around like a thief.”

XingEr glared and rolled her eyes once then quickly approached him and pulled his hand, “Use this opportunity when there’s nobody, hurry return to your room.”

“Not going.”  YWY adamantly rejected, “Not unless you serve me to wash my face.”

XingEr sheepishly pleaded, “Can you please go?”

“If you don’t do it I won’t leave.”

“Yu Wen Yue, you…”  XingEr grinded her teeth for a while, in the end still walked to the bucket of water, soaked the washcloth in, furiously rolled up her sleeves as if she’s about to go into battle, furiously turned around to stand in front of YWY, using strength to rub all over his face.

YWY frowned his face but didn’t say anything, still keeping the grin from before.  Seeing that XingEr suddenly doesn’t have the heart, in the end let out a long sigh, her movements became gentler.


Warm sun pierced through the window highlighting the both of them, time seemed to have reversed back to over 10 years ago, inside Green Hills Court, every day she had to wake up very early, bring a bucket of water that has been infused with herbs and flowers since before dawn, came into his room to serve this person get out of bed, served him to wash his face, served him to change into his clothes and shoes, not to mention served him to eat and drink tea.

“Look here, how difficult it was to go around one big circle, only to come back to this slave life in the end.”  XingEr timidly said.

YWY laughed, says: “There’s a saying the sky is big but hard to get through, already meant to be my person cannot escape even if you ran to the end of the earth.”

XingEr intently stared into him, berated: “Where in the world did you hear that ridiculous logic.”

After brushing and rinsing his teeth, his wardrobe nice and neat, XingEr pulled YWY’s hand and pushed him toward the door, “Hurry go go, hurry!”

YWY turned around to roll his eye at her, “Heartless girl, one night husband and wife equals one hundred days of faithfulness, but you turned your back just one day later!”

“Please hurry go!  Return to your room!”

“Young Master!”  An excited voice suddenly sounded out causing XingEr to startle in a state of losing her mind, turned around and saw Yue Qi standing outside the window, happily smiled at her: “Early this morning I went to Young Master’s room, didn’t see him in the room instantly guessed that last night Young Master rested in your room Young Miss.”

PingAn was standing behind Yue Qi, and it looked like behind him there are many more people, there’s a large distance in between so she cannot hear who he was chatting with, but could loosely hear a few sentences: “Big sister seems to have gotten married outside already, later don’t need to listen to nagging anymore.”

At the same time, the door creakingly opened, Mei Xiang and her sister barged inside, seeing YWY then curtsied once, just like old custom called him Fourth Young Master and walked toward XingEr’s bed, preparing to clean and arrange the bed.

XingEr instantly remembered that there’s still a spot of blood on the bed that cannot be seen by anyone, about to go stop them then her sister brought in a cup of soup, whispered in her ear: “Mei Xiang purposely asked the kitchen to cook this soup, said it’s to help your blood flow better, big sister hurry and drink.”

XingEr felt lightheaded, her face red as if about to spit blood.

YWY coolly walked over to receive that cup of soup and brought it up to XingEr’s lips, smiled and says: “Indeed good stuff, XingEr, hurry and drink.”



Late afternoon that day, their boat docked at a small town for their people to buy more food and necessary supplies, then continued on the journey for 2 more days, in the end reaching the border of Wei State.  Everybody hustling to step on the shore, although they were already inside Wei State however the movements of Yue Qi and his people were increasingly cautious.  As soon as they reached the ZhenHuang city gate there were already more than 500 bodyguards waiting, all women were changed into male clothing, mixed in with the group of people and got on the horse carriages, all movements were extremely quietly and carefully.

XingEr noticed that in the group of YWY’s bodyguards there were many with tattoos on their faces, she knew more than likely they were criminals exiled to QingHai, therefore she felt somewhat relaxed.  These people the majority carried with them sins from their ancestors, not too loyal to the great 6 empires, furthermore year after year struggled to survive in the hot and dried climate of QingHai definitely had sturdy and strong bodies, and ultimately loyal to YWY, with them around no need to worry about their safety.

Their horse carriages passed by another county, 3000 QingHai soldiers in armored suits were guarding the front gate, within this group there were 1000 people wearing dark navy armored suits, their frames and figures valiant and sharp, earthly sturdy, one look is enough to know they’re all trained kungfu fighters.

Yue Qi proudly stated that they were all elite soldiers trained under him, they were from military sect number 7, the best and fastest of QingHai.  The people here were only a small group, the majority of them are currently stationed inside ChangAn city.

All of them stayed to sleep a night at this county, tomorrow will start to approach toward ChangAn city, by that time it’s already late in the day and the big and glorious fort and palace of ChangAn can be seen from the distance.

A big space in this endless earth wrapped in the wind, tumbleweeds rolling and flying in the air.

This is indeed the climate of Wei State, the wind of Wei State, the chilly autumn of Wei State, everything is still the same.  XingEr lifted up the curtain from inside the carriage to see the towering city gate in front, under the sunset light, the gate shined brightly a red hue like the painful color of blood.

She instantly reminisced about that block of time before, the time when she and Yan Xun relied on each other to live inside this enormous prison, hated everything, resented that there was no tsunami to invade and absorb every luxurious being in this place.  The 2 of them committed all of their wishes and desires, to die in an attempt to escape route by shedding blood, their hearts patiently hoped to escape from this bird cage that imprisoned them for 8 years.

However, today she’s once more wholeheartedly and willingly return to this place, stepping over that enormous city gate standing tall causing other people to become breathless.

6 years ago, she left this place with one man, 6 years later, she came back to this place because of another man.

Fate has always been magical, unexpectedly changing, every step cannot be predicted of what’s waiting ahead, the only thing you can do is continue to step forward, until the very end.

The tip of her fingers suddenly became slightly cold, the wind was crying the sound ‘voom voom’ next to her ears.

Suddenly an arm wrapped around her waist from behind, YWY’s voice echoed, the sound very gentle, gentle to the point that whoever is listening can feel peace, “Don’t be scared, I’m here.”

XingEr smiled, before facing any obstacles, he seemed to always say these words.  She leaned into his chest, took a deep breath to take in the scent on his body then slowly closed her eyes.

She only needs to hold tightly onto his hand, hold really tight, never ever let go anymore.

This city isn’t as busy and bustling like the old days, the sky isn’t even dark yet the streets are empty.  A few people out and about saw YWY’s entourage of horse carriages quickly moved to the side, the image of trails and trails of people overflowing the streets in the night of the lantern festival are no longer there.

The horse carriage passed through the streets and made a few turns, then straight ahead to west of the city.  Surprised, XingEr asks: “Not going back to Yu Wen manor?”

YWY broke into a laugh, “I am currently the Great General Sima Commander of All Wei Armies in charge of all military bureaus in Wei State, of course I should have my own Great General Sima manor.”

After hearing this XingEr was slightly shocked that she let go, cannot control herself and smiled.

YWY smiled and joked, “Displaying all happiness and sadness on your face, not worthy of the title of XiuLi Princess?”  (After leaving Yan Bei and settled in Liang State, Xiao Ce bestowed this title to XingEr/Chu Qiao).

“In front of you why should I pretend and hide?”  XingEr casually replied.

YWY froze a little bit, then immediately pulled her into an embrace, complimenting: “Very well said.”

The streets are empty so the horse carriage can go quite fast, in just a little time already reached Sima manor situated by the lake.  Long time before, XingEr used to pass by this manor, it actually belonged to the royal family, extremely grand.  Once arriving at the manor the horse carriage did not stop, but continued to run straight inside, until all the soldiers one by one started to leave that XingEr would follow YWY to descend from the carriage.

From the corner of her eye XingEr instantly sees HuanEr (the girl who had been nice to XingEr back at Green Hills Court, also portrayed in the drama) with eyes all red standing from afar.  Tears started pouring from HuanEr’s eyes the minute she sees XingEr.  Even though this isn’t the Green Hills Court of the old days, but all the people in this courtyard are still the same people.  XingEr does get a bit emotional, HuanEr hurriedly runs up, preparing to bow her head to XingEr as a greeting gesture.

XingEr nervously and quickly extended her hand to lift HuanEr up but was stopped by YWY, who says: “Later you will be the rightful Madam of this manor, having them bow their heads to you is an appropriate obligation.”

Having heard him say that, the entire staff from top to the bottom immediately followed the old custom and bowed their heads to XingEr, loudly exclaimed: “May peace be with Young Madam.”

XingEr helped HuanEr stand up.  After many years apart, HuanEr has grown up to be a bright and capable lady, who is currently the main maid in the manor, in charge of 180 lower maids.

As HuanEr wipes off her tears she says: “I know sooner or later Madam would return so I cleaned up your room earlier, all these years have kept it the same.”

XingEr is a little embarrassed after being called ‘Madam’.  However, YWY remained by her side and coolly replied: “Keep that room empty, straight away bring all of her belongings over to my room.”

Hearing this everybody instantly understood.  HuanEr hurriedly instructed the other servants to carry XingEr’s luggages down from the carriage.  Mei Xiang and Jing Jing also helped, a bunch of girls chit chatting while working.

“Come with me.”  YWY bends down to whisper in XingEr’s ear, then holds her hand to walk ahead.

Sunset has slowly disappeared to make room for the darkness of the night, the crescent moon is hung at the end of the sky far away, illuminating a soft blue light.  The lanterns hanging on the 2 sides of the walkway sparked against the navy blue robe of YWY, his hand holding hers very warm.  The 2 of them not saying anything, only quietly walked.  Wind comes bringing with it a cold scent from the lake, fresh, cool and calming.  His sleeve sometimes rubbed against XingEr’s white sleeve, making a rustling sound.

The air is filled with scent of flowers, not too overwhelming but present at every corner.

YWY from before to today is someone who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life.  Treasures that have been saved for hundreds and hundreds of years separate the Yu Wen clan from other family clans that have recently found wealth, the kind of nobility that possess riches and statues from inside the bones.  Every corner of the courtyard, every tree, everything an item of luxury that is hard to recognize.

From the door, to the floor, the rugs, the desk, the tea table, the paintings, the antique vases, all items throughout the manor are of the rare and expensive kind.  The curtains surrounding the room are of soft silk, décor is simple yet elegant.

“Tired?”  YWY bends down to look at her, sweetly asks.

XingEr shakes her head, holding her stomach says: “Just hungry that’s all.”

A maid wearing a pink dress standing to the side immediately responded: “Food has been prepared, Young Master and Madam would like to go to the dining room right now?”

YWY shakes his head, says to XingEr: “I still have work, cannot eat with you.”

XingEr nods her head, “If you’re busy then go tend to your work.”

“The servants are preparing my horse I will leave in a short while.”  Finished speaking and instantly hugs XingEr, the embroidered flowers on his outfit rubs against her face, slightly itchy.

In her ear suddenly a voice echoes along with a tiny dreaminess of that somebody, “XingEr, at last you have come here.”

XingEr smiled, also turns around to hug YWY, her heart is filled with a satisfaction that is indescribable.  The high-end scent in the room is too relaxing causing anyone to want to close their eyes and sleep until fully rested.

YWY: “Tonight wait for my return here.”

XingEr instantly blushed, her face turns red, lifted her head to look at YWY, smiles and says: “Then you should try to come back a bit early.”

YWY nods his head, at the same time hears his servant report that his horse has been prepared, turns to XingEr and says: “I’m going to Seventh Prince’s place for a visit, you go ahead and eat dinner, then go to bed and rest early.”

“Yes.”  XingEr stands on her tip-toe and plants a small kiss on his lips, shyly says: “Be careful on your way.”

A ray of happiness appears at the corner of his eye, YWY used his strength to tightly and firmly embrace XingEr once then let go, turned around and walked outside.

XingEr followed YWY to the door, a strong wind blew by suddenly lifted the bottom of her white dress.  She leaned against the door frame, silently smiles looking after his figure that is slowly disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Actually ChangAn isn’t as dreadful as she had imagined.

In the distance there was loud voices from Jing Jing and PingAn, not sure what has happened but they all broke out in laughter causing the corners of her mouth to suddenly curve upwards.

Yes, very good, this place is actually very good.

After dinner, XingEr was served by the maids in bathing and cleaning.  Mei Xiang and other people were tired from the journey, but there was still baby Quingrong (Xiao Ce’s infant son) therefore Mei Xiang had to take 2 nannies to tend to him.  The lower servants were unaware of the facts, they thought the baby is the son that Yu Wen Yue and XingEr had while on the outside, thus wholeheartedly cared for the baby.

YWY’s bathroom is unbelievably large, built entirely of precious jade, the ceiling is adorned with over hundred pearls, only one flame of the candle is enough to light up the entire room like daylight.  Bathing water is from the waterfall, covered in flower petals and herbs, extremely fragrant.  To prevent slippage, the bottom of the bathtub is carved with a huge flower, exceptionally luxurious.

HuanEr reported, after being awarded this manor by the Wei Emperor, YWY did come to inspect, walked around the place then said: “After leaving, this place can be sold for a very good price.”

Hearing this XingEr can’t help but laugh, turns out the rumor that Great General Sima is a blood sucking vampire is indeed the truth and not just gossip.

After bath, XingEr wrapped a pure white silk dress over her body, walked barefoot back to the bedroom.

In the beginning HuanEr was a little bit nervous, but later seeing that XingEr is easy-going and approachable then relaxed, sometimes called her ‘XingEr’ naturally.  HuanEr recited all the stories involving YWY in the past few years back to XingEr all at once.  However, it’s just whichever story always resorted back to this one thing, that is fortunately XingEr knows when to turn around, returned back to Young Master’s side in time which indeed is the best decision, even God and Buddha up in heaven are jealous of her.

XingEr laughs, quietly listened to HuanEr go on, tales about YWY in these past few years lived in chastity and protected himself like a precious jewel, not interested in women at all, tales about how those noble girls are regretful and green with envy, how YWY everyday misses her, every time he received news about her, how happy he was to receive her letters, to the point that he can’t sleep well because of excitement, more effective than multiple dosages of vitamins.  Then there was the tale about how pitiful and how much suffering YWY endured before, abandoned by people, his body full of injuries, how his position was insulted and humiliated.

One by one, this lady changed from telling stories to crying, starting with mumbling about Young Master is very good, XingEr absolutely must not leave Young Master anymore, Young Master truly likes XingEr…

Inside the room is filled with the aroma of scented incense, XingEr sits on the soft and cushioned bed, quietly listened to each story, sensing the past floating by in front of her eyes.

Look here, he likes her, the whole world knows, even a little maid can see clearly like this.  Only her, time after time, living through so many years to finally realize.

Afterwards, outside there was a light knock on the door, lower servant reported that the Madam of General Yue Qi has arrived.

HuanEr quickly stood up and moved to the side, a little bit later, a beautiful and elegant girl, wearing a light yellow dress, walked forward, when smiled revealing 2 dimples, her hand held onto a boy a bit over 10 years old, seeing XingEr bends her body preparing to show respect.

XingEr hurriedly lifted her up, smiles and says: “Hard to believe Yue Qi’s cultivation is this good, able to marry a wife who’s beautiful like this.”

Xiao Fei (Yue Qi’s wife) smiled, revealing 2 adorable rabbit teeth, turns and says to the boy next to her: “MoEr, quickly greet Mother.”

That child lifted his face to look at XingEr, surprised for a while then suddenly opened his arms to hug XingEr’s leg, yelled out: “Big Sister you finally visit me.”

XingEr in shock, bends down her head to closely examine this kid and admits that he’s very lovable, his body wears a loose outfit that is a deep blue color, his eyes are clear that they sparkled with happiness upon seeing her.

The boy says loudly: “Big Sister doesn’t recognize me, I’m MoEr here.”

Right this instant XingEr finally remembers, this is the little boy MoEr that she and YWY rescued when traveling through Liang State.  In a blink of an eye and it’s been over 6 years, the tiny kid from before has grown this big already.

She immediately embraced the little boy, happily says: “MoEr is so tall now, indeed unrecognizable.”

MoEr sweetly hugs her, says: “Where did Big Sister go?  So many years and didn’t come visit me.  If not for Father constantly mentioning, it’s possible MoEr would forget all about Big Sister already.”

“Father?”  XingEr raised her eyebrow, doubtfully looks at the 2 people beside her.

Xiao Fei quickly says to the little boy: “Cannot say foolish things, you must call her Mother.”

MoEr looks at XingEr, asks: “Big Sister married Father since when?”

XingEr: “Who is your father?”

MoEr: “My father is the Great General Sima of Wei State, Big Sister don’t know?”

HuanEr quickly explains: “After Young Master returned, he adopted Little Young Master as his son.”

It finally dawned on XingEr at this moment.  She chatted with MoEr and Xiao Fei a little while longer and found out that Xiao Fei has borne 2 children for Yue Qi.  The personalities of these 2 husband and wife are completely opposite from each other, Xiao Fei is easily embarrassed, only a few phrases can cause her to blush, indeed very lovable.

Today XingEr just returned therefore they didn’t stay too long, after talking for some more time Xiao Fei led MoEr to go back.  Before leaving MoEr insisted on making XingEr promise to visit him, as if afraid that when he turns his back to go she would leave him again.

The 3 of them left and yet YWY still hasn’t come home, XingEr felt somewhat tired and decided to let all the maids go, get on the bed to rest.  In these years her body isn’t as strong as before, traveling for the past few days has caused all her energy to be depleted.

Laying on the soft mattress of this bed, XingEr slowly closed her eyes and slipped into a deep sleep.

Not sure how much time has passed, she dreamily feels that there’s somebody kissing her but still stubbornly refused to wake up, only “mmm” out loud once then rolled to the inside.  A hand that’s slightly cold pulls her into an embrace, warm breaths pour down the brim of her ear bringing along a soft laugh.

Her neck becomes increasingly itchy causing her unable to resist, narrowed her brows and opened her eyes.  YWY wearing his sleeping robe in a light purple color lying on one side of the bed, the pair of eyes that are black as ink intently look at her, smiles and says: “Where is your sense of awareness, letting people grope all over and didn’t even know, still the same XingEr that I know?”

XingEr laughs, wrapped her arms around his neck, says: “All because the defense of this bandit is too advanced, achieving the level of invisibility to enter that’s why I cannot capture any footprint.”

YWY laughs once, bends down to kiss her forehead then says: “Had a nice sleep?”

“It was alright.”  XingEr leaned into his chest, playfully says: “If you didn’t return to bother me I would have a better sleep.”

YWY laughs and says: “Only a few days without training and you want to jump on my head to sit, seems like I need to let you taste a bit of family discipline after all.”  Finished speaking and raised his hand in the air.

XingEr was surprised by his sudden movement and closed tightly her eyes in response to his threat, but waiting for a while and there was nothing that was like discipline descending on her body, opened her eyes only to see YWY still adorably looking at her, obviously curious: “Didn’t you want to exercise your family discipline?  Why not take action?”

YWY hugs XingEr, bends down his head to kiss her neck, at the same time his hand busily pulls away her sash, her dress falls down to reveal shoulders as white as snow.  He slowly pressed his body against hers, whispers: “How could I have the heart to do it.”

On the table there’s a pair of candles that are slowly burning, the flames are covered by thin papers, emitting a light that appears soft and dreamy.

XingEr has gone through her first night back in ChangAn city in an embrace that’s long lasting like this.


Sue Lee’s notes: this chapter was super lengthy and longer than usual, which is why it took me a while to translate.  However, I think this is one of my favorite chapters in the entire book because it explores and showcases XingYue’s feelings and longing for one another.  This chapter also sets the pace for how XingYue’s family life will look like in the later chapters.  XingEr after coming back to ChangAn with YWY has pretty much taken up the role of a housewife, where she doesn’t go out much and mostly stay inside waiting for YWY to come home from work to have dinner with her.  Once in a while they will venture outside (mostly due to the constant pestering of their servants and kids because they were all bored from staying inside) with their servants and their adopted kids like one big happy family.  In fact, they sort of already play the role of 2 parents in these later chapters, and their servants and little adopted kids are the whiny and demanding kids we see in most households.  I just think XingYue’s love story is the greatest love story of all times, well the greatest one I’ve read or seen anyway.  🙂


***To continue on with the story from this point onward, please refer to DDMCMC’s recaps here: Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 6)

***I will be back later with more updates related to XingYue sweet moments.  🙂


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