***SPOILER***From Princess Agents Novel: Yu Wen Yue and Xiao Ce…Love Rivals…Bromance?! :)

Since I adore both of the Yu Wen Yue and Xiao Ce characters in the novel, I wanted to create an entire thread to discuss about these 2 men…they both sincerely love and protect Chu Qiao (XingEr), but very different in character and personality. There are some tidbits in the novel about these 2 characters that are super silly and funny, I will share them here for you fellow PA lovers to enjoy as well…also because I want to document those events from the novel before they disappear from my memory…

I don’t recall the specific chapters these are from (the novel is really long…191 chapters plus multiple parts of Epilogue), they’re just what I remember while reading the novel so if the order of events appear mixed up please understand for me…:)

Yu Wen Yue: ***SPOILER***From PA novel: Yu Wen Yue…our dream man!! 🙂

Xiao Ce: He was the crown prince of Liang state who later became the emperor of Liang, but his ending was really sad and tragic. He’s just as flamboyant in the novel as he is portrayed in the drama. His palace is always bustling with parties and women, but internally the one woman he loves wholeheartedly is Chu Qiao. His character is actually quite complex, the image he displays to the outside is a facade, but it’s as if it’s his defense mechanism where he puts on an act but no one can see his heart and true feelings. He even married for political reasons, due to his position, due to his responsibility to his country, however he only shares his private thoughts, dreams, and plans with Chu Qiao. They have a really sweet relationship here, like besties, like soulmates. Chu Qiao is also very comfortable around him and she allows herself to smile and laugh with him.


YWY actually listened to Xiao Ce’s advice after he 1st reunited with XingEr since the lake death and left her alone to think things through, this was the reason he didn’t push XingEr to follow him after meeting up with her again at the lantern festival. Xiao Ce told him that XingEr had broken up a 10 years relationship with YX and then mourned YWY’s death for 2 years, so she’s gone through quite a bit of turmoil and needed time to sort out her feelings…


In return, although Xiao Ce loved and cared for Chu Qiao deeply and sincerely, he admitted that YWY’s love for her was greater than his so YWY deserves to be with her. Xiao Ce was actually the one who discovered that YWY was still alive first, then he hinted to XingEr “there is someone other than me who loves you unconditionally and who always silently protects you, when you figure out who it is, let me know and I will prepare your dowry for you and marry you off grandly like a princess should.” 🙂


Before Chu Qiao joined up with YWY for good, she lived in Liang state after leaving YX and YanBei.  She settled in southern BianTang, at XueFu city, a small yet famous town of scholars.  She lived here with PingAn, Jing Jing, and Mei Xiang (her personal maid who she saved while in YanBei and stayed with CQ since).  Chu Qiao would sometime visit Xiao Ce in Liang capital city and stayed at his palace.  After leaving Xiao Ce’s palace (she could have stayed at Xiao Ce’s palace forever, but CQ didn’t want to seem like a bum living and eating there without doing anything), Chu Qiao was bored and figured she needed to do something to pass time so she opened up an inn in Liang.  This inn was mostly ran by CQ’s personal maid Mei Xiang, CQ didn’t go out much and stayed to herself in the back of the inn.  In one of the times that YWY met up with her during this time, he revealed to her that the inn named Chun Yu Lou across from hers was actually Xiao Ce’s and he opened Si Hai Inn right behind her…(these 2 guys are hilarious they were stalking Chu Qiao the whole time lol)…After learning this, CQ thought to herself “I do recall 2 new inns opening up near mine and thought they were the competitors, but it was strange that those 2 inns never had any customers while mine was too busy everyday”…these 2 guys just opened up the inns to keep an eye on CQ, but they sent all the customers coming into their inns over to CQ’s inn…reading about these 2 made me smile!! 🙂


In ChangAn, before YWY and XingEr’s wedding ceremony, XingEr noticed YWY had been busy with something secretly. Days before the wedding, trunks and trunks of gifts including gold and fine jewels were delivered to YWY’s palace. As it turned out, what YWY was secretly working on was sending bethrothal gifts to Liang palace to ask for XingEr’s hand in marriage (since XingEr didn’t have any family and she did live in Liang for some years this was considered her hometown and Xiao Ce’s Liang palace was considered her family home). The gifts that were returned were the dowry that Xiao Ce had prepared for XingEr before he died. YWY also put out an announcement and spread all over the ChangAn city as well as other major cities (YWY wanted the whole world to know Chu Qiao will officially be his wife), the announcement states something like this “Yu Wen Yue the QingHai king, great general Sima commander of all Wei armies, will marry Chu Qiao the XiuLi princess of Liang”. YWY kept to his promise that he will proudly and grandly marry and bring XingEr into the Yu Wen household. Similarly, Xiao Ce also fulfilled his promise that he will send XingEr away to YWY in a manner fit for a princess, CQ noted that the dowry gifts were luxuries and treasures used for princesses and royal concubines (CQ also recalled that whenever she and her maids were bored, they would go play with these treasures, there were too many precious items that they filled up an entire room in the palace). Also days before the wedding, a group of people arrived saying they were relatives of the Jing family (CQ’s adopted family), turned out Xiao Ce spent great efforts in tracking down all sorts of long distance members of the Jing family to send over so that it would appear that CQ also had many relatives sending her away in marriage as well as wishing her a lifetime of happiness. CQ thought to herself “this sly fox Xiao Ce, I don’t know which corners of the world he went to drag out these Jing distant relatives and I don’t know any of them, but they’re all fawning over me like we’ve been close all these years”. Aww!! These 2 guys are killing me with how much they love and cherish Chu Qiao!! She’s one lucky girl!! 🙂




***Photo credits from Google images.***

***Summary/translation from Vietnamese are my own work.***

9 thoughts on “***SPOILER***From Princess Agents Novel: Yu Wen Yue and Xiao Ce…Love Rivals…Bromance?! :)

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  1. the more i read your post, the more i love yuwen yue, the more i want my man to be like. Will there be yuwen yue in this world? lol Thank you for bring us such happiness with your translation.

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  2. Wow! Love him even more. I did enjoy the prince b/c he was sincere and tried to help her when he can (the drama version). He’s upfront about things too. Thanks for sharing. I love reading these blogs :)))

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  3. I love all the men in XingEr’s life! YunXuh got pretty busy with his revenge and got too confident that A’Chu will always be around when he needs her… Xiao Ce and Yu Wen Yu took their chance! 😂


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