***SPOILER***From Princess Agents Novel: Yu Wen Yue…Our Dream Man!! :)

It’s no surprise that the character Yu Wen Yue is my favorite from this novel…he’s someone who’s cold on the outside yet immensely warm on the inside…he’s smart, handsome, mysterious, complex, yet very loyal, loving, and caring…:)

In this post I will add all of the silly and funny tidbits about our man YWY so we can all fawn over him…he’s every girl’s dream man lol…:)


YWY was not a nice person before, but he’s changed a lot for XingEr in a sense that he became a more understanding and compassionate person. However, he was still known as being an eye-for-an-eye type of person, like if you took 1 thing from him he will come back and collect 10 from you. XingEr said he was quite petty like this. There was a flashback part in the book to the time when YWY was a young boy growing up in ChangAn with other noble kids, they told him he was the only one who has yet to throw a party for their teacher and then I think the teacher said something about it to YWY as well so YWY told the teacher “fine I will give a party in your honor, go ahead and invite anyone you want.” Teacher invited what seemed like everyone in town (teacher thought that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since YWY is finally giving him a party), and then the next day a bunch of people showed up at teacher’s house asking to be paid for the food and services from the party the day before. As it turned out, YWY ordered food and services for the party, but told the vendors to collect payment from the teacher. His friends later teased him about it saying “how could you do that when you have the money, teacher’s whole lifetime’s salary isn’t anywhere close to the amount spent on the party.” To that YWY answered “I said I would give a party, I never said I would pay for it.” This is YWY’s persona, if you make him do something he doesn’t want to do he will make you pay for it, or if you cross him he will make you pay double for it. 😀



YWY built a palace in QingHai for XingEr and that’s where their family called home, it’s named “Xing Yue Palace”, which means Star Moon Palace…aww!! 🙂

***It’s worth to mention that Yan Xun and Xiao Ce both had palaces for Chu Qiao also…Yan Xun built a palace for A’Chu on top of a mountain called the floating palace or something, but sadly she already left him when the construction of the palace completed so it sat there empty…Xiao Ce had a palace for Qiao Qiao to reside in while she stayed with him in Liang state, he named her “XiuLi Princess” after the XiuLi army’s name. 🙂


It should also be noted that YWY and XingEr’s way of thinking and beliefs are well ahead of their times, they actually aligned with the modern world, in that they did not discriminate between blood-related children versus adopted children.  XingYue ended up adopting several kids who became orphans due to war and revenge and treated them the same as their own biological children.  This point is especially commendable from YWY’s perspective because subconsciously he was building a family that he never had growing up, i.e. his father was never around and never protected his mom, therefore he in return did everything in his power to protect XingEr the woman he loves and became a father for those who were fatherless (he adopted MoEr as his son even before XingEr came back to him).  There are just many sides to YWY, which makes him special, unique, and beautiful: his cold exterior, his complex personality, his warm interior, his handsomeness, his caring heart, etc.  I HEART YWY!!  😉







The Yu Wen family is all about face…they disowned YXY and trashed him after his ice lake death, but after the 2 years when he rebuilt his power and career they put him up on the pedestal…YWY knows this but after all he says this is the family that afforded him a comfortable childhood and luxuries so he can’t turn his back on them…before their wedding ceremony his extended family came to greet XingEr and there was one cousin who was a brat and a smart ass and made back-handed comments to insult XingEr and the result was XingEr slapped her in front of everybody lol…this cousin brought in this other girl who was YWY’s childhood love to make XingEr jealous and XingEr showed her who’s boss lol…XingEr is really bad ass!! There’s also this funny comment XingEr made in the book after she returned to ChangAn “I don’t know how YWY did it, but it’s as if he made all these people in ChangAn have amnesia or something because they all seem to forget that I was the one who burned down houses, killed so many people, destroyed this city when YX and I fought our way out of here, now they all come here to greet me as if they don’t remember who I was before.” This shows you the power that YWY had…another major turn of events after the 2 years is that YWY not only became QingHai king, but he was also the great general of 4 armies of Wei state, which means he held all the military power for Wei. YWY said he was only below 1 person, but above millions!! That’s right folks, our man YWY came back from the dead as a bad ass general everyone feared, even the emperor himself. 🙂



That scene with Mo-er sleeping in the middle of YWY and XingEr is literally their life later on…their son slept with them until he was like 3 and then YWY said it became difficult because the kid has really good hearing so the 2 of them couldn’t do the things that benefit the adults…so then YWY and his son often fought about who gets to sleep with XingEr and they came up with a deal where YWY would get 5 nights and his son would get 5 nights…but then his son would get mad at him because YWY would not keep his word and refused to return the kid’s mom back to him lol…his son said “father always finds a way not to return mother back to me so I have to fight for what I want”…father and son are sooo alike it’s hilarious!! 😀







YWY disowned his 3rd uncle later in the book because his uncle wanted to offer marriage of his daughter to YWY and this was their conversation:

3rd-uncle: I am only thinking for you. I just thought since you have so few children that my daughter can help maintain and expand the Yu Wen bloodline.

YWY: That is my wife and my son. Even thinking about it is not allowed!!



After news that XingEr is pregnant again, YWY thought to himself “ohh great now I need to start thinking about strategies on how to win my wife back from my children.”







Ohh here’s another funny bit about YWY…after the birth of his 2nd child, YWY whined to XingEr that she has to make up to him because he’s had to suppress his lust for the past 6 months (I think back then people are not allowed to be intimate when the girl is pregnant so after XingEr found out she was pregnant she can’t have sex with him…our man YWY went on a dry spell for 6 months lol)…this was their conversation:

YWY: If you don’t make it up to me I’ll have to start accepting concubines.

XingEr: You dare??

YWY: Well then you’ll have to be troubled for a bit…(then carries her to the bed)…:D




YWY has changed a lot after surviving death…his QingHai army was made up of all previous criminals…see QingHai was a piece of land that nobody visited before, it was where they sent criminals to be exiled. After YWY came along and revived QingHai, the capital city of QingHai itself became as busy and economically strong just like ChangAn and there were many people migrating to QingHai every day. YWY’s QingHai army consisted of ex-convicts, but they all became loyal to him. XingEr-YWY’s family life was really sweet, they actually celebrated the holidays with their maids/servants and they all ate at the same table. They treated their helpers like family members, their family life was very fun and lively.







Later YWY and the 7th Wei prince Yuan Che became like besties and after YWY had his 2nd child, a girl, he wrote to 7th prince to share the news. 7th prince Yuan Che shared the news with one of his advisors and his advisors joked that 7th prince Yuan Che better hurry up to ask for YWY’s princess hand in marriage for his son since there are already many suitors and competitors for this little girl already (Mo-er, Xiao Ce’s emperor son, etc.) and Yuan Che held up the letter he just received from YWY and said “this calculating fella, he’s already named all of the betrothal gifts I need to send in here”. 🙂







XingYue memories…including the sad ones:


The many stoic…handsome…cold…mysterious…yet beautiful face of our master Yu Wen Yue:

***Photo/video credits from Google images and YouTube.***

***Summary/translation from Vietnamese are my own work.***

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  1. I wonder if the PA Tv show will air up to these scenes especially before and after the wedding night of YY and XingEr. 🙂 My fingers are crossed, hoping that they will make it happen. ❤ ❤ ❤


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