***SPOILER***From Princess Agents Novel: What happens after ice lake death…reunion?! :)

After YWY died at the lake, YX sent word back to YWY’s family back in ChangAn that if they want his body back they will have to pay a ransom (YX sent people down to the lake to retrieve YWY’s body but his body was never found so YX just lied and used a fake body to say he has YWY’s body because it was all beat up anyway so no one would be able to recognize it)…

YWY’s family did pay the ransom to get YWY’s fake body back but they didn’t do it because they cared for him, they did it because of their face, but after they recovered YWY’s fake body they spread the word that he has been disowned by the YuWen family clan because he has brought shame to their family name by sacrificing his life and his family name to save a woman, who was a slave and an enemy of the country…they reasoned that due to YWY’s sin he wasn’t deserving of a proper funeral or burial so they threw YWY’s fake body out to be eaten by wolves and vultures…XingEr got news and sent people to recover what’s left of YWY’s fake remains (she still thinks this was his real body)…she buried his remains and created a grave site for him next to the ice lake and would visit it often and talk to him…at this point she no longer talks to YX…


2 years later…she was roaming around, traveling, and she ended up at a town near Liang state (I don’t remember if it’s near Liang state or at the Liang capital, but she’s at Xiao Ce’s country…she was walking the streets one evening and saw that there was a moon lantern festival going on…she thinks about the time she and YWY went to the lantern festival and he bought her a rabbit lantern…then she saw vendors selling rabbit lanterns and decided to buy one…she walked with the lantern for a while and ended up at this river bank…she released the rabbit lantern into the river and watched it drift away…in the night sky and the illuminating light of the lanterns she “thought” she saw a familiar figure in the crowd, someone who’s tall and looks like the “someone” in her memories, but it couldn’t possibly be him…XingEr followed her rabbit lantern and saw that it has stopped moving so she ran closer to see and realized that her rabbit lantern bumped into a bigger rabbit lantern…she looked up and saw that familiar tall man standing on the other side of the crowd also watching the rabbit lanterns (the bigger rabbit lantern is YWY’s)!! XingEr couldn’t believe her eyes so she had to come closer to see for herself, she ran across the crowd towards that tall man…when she was inches in front of him she still couldn’t believe what’s in front of her…she thinks this is an illusion and that she’s dreaming, a dream she has envisioned for the past 2 years…they were in a crowded place and there were people around them and she didn’t want to lose sight of this man, she thought to herself that in her life time there has only been 2 times where she has truly feared of losing someone, the first time was when YWY fell into the ice lake, and the second time was now…she reached out and grabbed his sleeve and suddenly a warm hand wrapped over her hand and held onto her…she buried her face in his chest and started sobbing, her tears soaked through his shirt and into his heart…she lost her balance because her knees went weak and he put his arm around her waist to support her up…he didn’t say anything but kept looking at her…through tears she asked him “Why lie to me?? Why not come see me?? I thought you died…I thought you died…” YWY moved his lips upward in a smirk but still did not say anything and continued to look at her…furious she pushed him away and asked “If you didn’t die why didn’t you come find me?? You could have written to me!!” YWY held out his arms and said “Come here…” XingEr wiped her tears, and for the first time in her life didn’t want to argue with him and ran into his arms to be embraced in his chest…as he hugged her she said “Crazy guy!!”


As for how YWY survived, basically a trusted slave from YWY’s entourage jumped into the water and helped break the ice above for him and pushed him out, the slave died saving YWY, then Yue Qi came and rescued and nursed YWY back to life.



***Photo credits from Google images.***

***Summary/translation from Vietnamese are my own work.***


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  1. I just watched and made a ruff script to continue interaction and story :Princess AGENTS to continue… .2018.12.04.

    This is a rough draught of Princess Agents NUMBER 2. from a native naïve FAN.

    Episode 1.

    Soya, As XINGER opens her eyes under the ice cold water and sees her Love of her life now drifting away from her – She gets her whole life story in flash backs, from the beginning when she was a child under her mothers LU HE compelling and hard training in the WIND and CLOUD DECREE, her death and Xingers escape and fall into the river, as well as her enslavement and all the tender and hard encounters she got to have in WEI and YANBEI STATE with all and everyone, but with the concentration of the events with YUWEN YUE and mabye YAN XUN :s encounters with her.

    YUWEN YUE drifting into a cold coma also in the ice cold water will have the same flash backs, but seen from his view point and highlights with his beloved XINGER and mabye before that events from his childhood as well with his General crude and cold father and his mothers death and his time with his grandparents and upbringing at the GREEN HILLS COURT.

    As YUWEN YUE already before falling into the ice coma saw XINGERS evolving tatto on her back left shoulder blade, He as well as We can understand that XINGER now as predicted erlier in the series finally can regain her original force in the ice water, her mothers transformation of the ice Kung Fu is released and her CHI BIH sickness is unlocked slowly as well, She can remember by instinct now how to use the ice Kung Fu, and she does quick after OPENING HER EYES in the last episode – It will start this one as well.

    In the water she can force her way to the bottom of the lake were YUWEN YUE lays motionless, She quick draws him upright and gives HIM the life saving oxygen KISS, but he is still motionless. She has new ice Kung Fu power and is able to handle his body, inserting as many oxygen kisses HIS lungs bears to take. Swimming under the ice for a while to a slight opening for gasping of more air. The high chair of YAN XUN with his BLACK EAGLE SOLDIERS are not able to depict XINGER now fare away into the back of the lake. She remembers the view of a big mountain / vulcano in the far end of this lake and heads slowly swimming and carrying her Love YUWEN YUE. She stops and gasps for air here and there when necessary in the holes of the ice and to rest her powers and care for YUWEN YUE. The ice cold water is stiffening up their bodies, but also stopping the bloodshed out of their wounds. The blood gets to become ice.

    Scenes from a crying and very regrett ful YAN XUN can be added here as he has to pick up his dead soldiers and arsenal – He also has all his flashbacks from the happy erlier times in GREEN HILL COURT and with his then best friends YUWEN HUE and XINGER as he Loves. The carved gift in white Jade stone he carved for XINGER, is dripping from blood and tears in his hand. And his remorse has flashbacks of his dualistic hate to the Emporor and company in CHANG AN and his upbringing there and also the late turning events we seen lately making him an outlaw and rebel but the new KING of YAMBEI.

    These flash backs can come and go as they tie our memory from Princess Agents number 1 –now to number 2.

    I got inspired by the Beautiful underwater landscape and wonder if ice cold camera men thinks the same. It would be fun to build up a beautiful fantasy landscape underwater to capture the real rescue of YUWEN YUE and XINGERS underwater LOVE. Also the magic of XINGERS transformation to now become the true leader and inheretatior of the WIND and CLOUD DECREE and a master of the ICE KUNG FU. To show the transformation underwater can add some artistic motives and dramatic views.

    I thought the snow and ice landscape already had such beautiful and artistic build up in the previous part –use the same insperation. The mountains in the back is what lingers in my head and that is what XINGER is aiming for. Because she has already seen bubbles and coulors and an undewater cold and hot stream coming from that direction. And alas as she swims towards the end of the lake this stream of light and warmth and bubbles becomes stronger. She comes with YUWEN HUE to a wirlpool and they are sucked under and through the main body of water into a deep pool of an underground cave. When she gets spit up by the force of the current she finds herself embraching YUWEN YUE on a shore in a rather big underground cave system with waterfalls and some bubbling hot pools of sulfphur, being volcanic in art this cave is warmer than the outside and has a pleasant smell and air.

    As she gets used to the dark there is also phosphorous landscape in the cave walls and roof and crystals and more shiny STUFF. YUWEN YUE is still in a coma, but XINGER uses her last new energy to carry him to a bedrock coutch to rest. She herself falls into a deep sleep as well. DREAMING………………..mabye, fill in.

    Meanwhile YAN XUN is serching and picking up the remains of the battle both at the lake and in the forest. The framing and unfair illoyal GENERAL CHENG is killed by XINGER and will not come back to life. But even if it loocked like very bad wounds to YUWEN YUE.s right hand man : YUE QI is still gasping for air, but has fainted. XING ZHAOLIN

    Xing Zhaolin[9]
    Yue Qi Yuwen Yue’s trusted right-hand man; a loyal and capable warrior who fights alongside him.

    Is really so handsome and acting so Good in this series I do not see we can continue YUWEN HUE:s new houshold without him. So he and a handful of other men from YUWEN YUE.s Boarder camp and THE EYES of THE GOOD AGENTS as well as some loyal soldiers now from the XIULI camp are all entangeled in the caos of the after rescue battle , here by the lake shore and into the snowy forest.

    This might be enough for the first episode or more. As we now have to have some episodes on all these Warring states and their positions in the after math of the battle.


  2. Where is season two….me I’m tired of waiting…II watched it immediately it was out and have waited impatiently by the way….n I’m tired of waiting…please release it already…even though in bits….me I want


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