Princess Agents (PA) Novel: Online sources and my upcoming/future plans for summaries/translations…:)

Hello fellow PA super fans, I’m writing this note to compile answers to a series of questions I’ve been asked quite frequently recently, hopefully what I have listed below will address your concerns/inquiries…thanks for the support!! 🙂

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Question: Where can you go to read the novel online?  Answer: Currently the novel is only available in either Chinese or Vietnamese in full content (links below), while English translation are available in small parts only.  I’m also posting links to a few sources I’m aware of that have English translations/summaries/reviews, but none are complete and as of now none have all the chapters translated/summarized.
  2. Question: Will I be summarizing/translating all of the chapters in the novel?  Answer: No, I have no plans to do all the chapters as the novel is super long (191 chapters plus multiple parts of the Epilogue).  Due to my love of the main character Yu Wen Yue, I will only summarize/translate parts that involve him, particularly the romantic scenes and interactions between him and XingEr/Chu Qiao. 😀
  3. Question: Will I post more translated parts about Yu Wen Yue?  Answer: Of course!!  As mentioned, YWY is my favorite character from both the novel and drama, thus I will definitely be posting more parts including him later. 🙂  Please find my updates for YWY here: ***SPOILER***From PA novel: Yu Wen Yue…our dream man!! 🙂
  4. Question: Will I post more translated parts about Xiao Ce?  Answer: Perhaps…I also adored Xiao Ce character from the drama and novel so I will possibly write about his life and fate later…Xiao Ce didn’t get a happy ending, therefore I’m reluctant to cover him as the later parts of the book about him got me kinda depressed.  However, if time permits, I will try to post about him so you could get more details on the events that transpired in the novel related to Xiao Ce.  Furthermore, I think events involving Xiao Ce will be one of the main story lines in Season 2 of the drama (if rumor of a Season 2 is true) as our main female lead Chu Qiao spent a good amount of time with this character in the later parts of the novel, so it’s not a bad idea to write about him. 🙂
  5. Question: Will I cover Yan Xun in my summaries/translations?  Answer: Nope!!  I think the drama already gave him too much coverage, more than I think was necessary, so I won’t be spending any time writing about this character. 😉
  6. Question: Will I write about Yuan Song?  Answer: Maybe…I liked this prince as well and found him sweet and endearing, he was also one of Chu Qiao’s protectors…if time permits, I’ll do a small post about him…:)
  7. Question: Will I dedicate an entire post on our main lead female XingEr/Chu Qiao?  Answer: Not sure at this point…I think every post I’ve made thus far has included her already so it may not be necessary to write an entire post just about her…I think we all know this character pretty well by now…but who knows, if I’m bored enough I would do it…:D
  8. Question: Why do my summaries/translations sometime seem complete from the chapters, sometimes not?  Answer: This is because I only translate the sweet/funny XingYue moments/conversations in their entirety (and because I only mostly care about XingYue scenes :D).  Other parts like the political talks and lengthy memories of her past life in the modern world I only write brief summaries on because the drama itself omitted the time travel plot and the terms used in political discussions are too complex to translate accurately and entirely.



Online sources to read the novel that I’m aware of (if you discover new ones, please share in the comments below):




***Photo credits from Google images.***

***Summary/translation from Vietnamese are my own work.***

22 thoughts on “Princess Agents (PA) Novel: Online sources and my upcoming/future plans for summaries/translations…:)

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  1. Plz tell me in drama YWY train the XENG’ER is there any chp in the novel also…. When YWY is her mentor tell me… Thanks for summarizing it help me a lot to understand


  2. I’m watched this drama. It’s a mixture of romance, fantasy, and action. If you watch this, you will be hooked up because of its amazing story and at the same time will be fascinated with the action scenes. There’s a bit of political struggle too but all in all you will really enjoy this series.


  3. Thank you for your hard work, the translation makes me understand the series better. I m still hoping that PA 2 will be made with same stars LGX ZLY. This is the best Cdrama I’ve seen. Bless your heart and all the peeps who made an effort to translate it so wider audience can grasp the story better….


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