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It all started with a Chinese drama called “Princess Agents”…this was the 2nd Chinese drama I’ve watched (1st one was “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”)…the story of PA drew me in and soon enough I was hooked…then my curiosity got the best of me and in order to find out what happens next to the characters of PA before the episodes aired, I went searching for the novel in which the drama was based on…and that’s pretty much how I ended up here…

The PA novel is currently only available in 2 languages: Chinese and Vietnamese.  Since I possess some Vietnamese, I decided to give the Vietnamese version a chance, and what came out of the whole experience was my Vietnamese reading skills improved leaps and bounds.  Addicted to this PA drama and its captivating story lines, I went on a search for forums, blogs, videos, etc. that would have discussions about this drama and landed on MyDramaList.  I started to participate in the talks on MyDramaList and soon after started answering questions about the novel to other PA fans like myself.  From there it lead me to write summaries and translations to various parts and chapters of the novel, and the writer in me reappears.  🙂

Having been caught up with life, work, and raising a small family all these years, I have forgotten how much fun it is to write.  I had also forgotten about the fact that my 2nd major in college was English with a concentration in pre-law.  Back then I did a lot of reading and writing for my English courses and writing came very naturally to me.  Since I’ve started writing summaries and translations on the PA novel, I feel like I’ve found an outlet to escape from the stressful and mundane life that we live in everyday.

Initially, I was only planning on posting summaries and translations from specific parts of PA chapters, which feature romance between the main characters.  However, as a personal challenge for myself, I may start to translate the chapters in their entirety (very stretch goal here, but will definitely try my best if time permits).

This site is dedicated to my various efforts in writing summaries and English translations for drama-adapted novels like “Princess Agents” or PA.  Occasionally, I may add a few personal stories and antidotes from my own life here.  🙂


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  1. Hi.. Your blog here made my sad face into a happy one after watching the ending of the drama. I am a huge fan of XingEr and Yuewen Yu. They truly belong together. I disliked Yan Xun from the beginning and fast forward most of their scenes together. Lol… Anyways, I really appreciate you taking the time out to translate the novel. It gives people like me hope that there is a truly and happy ending for XingEr and Yuewen Yu together. Thank you. P.S. I am waiting anxiously for 182 ^_^

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  2. Hi Sue Lee, First of all thank you for the translation🙏🏻😊You have done an amazing job👏🏻👏🏻
    I have watched the drama recently and really like all the parts with XingEr and YueWen❤️, and skip a lot with YanXun. In the drama I couldn’t determine whether XingEr loves/loved YanXun and “just” change ind the end. I don’t think her answer in the final episode gave us an answer. So,- I would like to ask what for your opinion based on the novel ? I think that she kind of realized that she never did but always have loved YueWen and that why she could leave YanYun. Hope you have time to answer😊🙏🏻


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